Wifi OBD reconnect on Android

I’m using wifi obd connection. During engine cranking, OBD tool can do self restart (very fast, phone don’t lose wifi) and application tries to reconnect, but never success. Seems like don’t close socket correctly or something about. After app restart, it connects.
IOS version reconnects imidiately without problems. Another android apps too.

The same problem is observed on BT ELM. Restarting the application helps and the connection is restored.

Thanks, will investigate this. This can be also due the Android device. Please try on another popular OBD2 app if they are behaving the same in this situation.

Torque pro reconnects without problems.

Some people have reported this problem, but I have not been able to reproduce this on any of my adapter/Android device combination. Will try again though during 1.6.7 test cycle.