Windows PC and Map Navigation

Forgive me for asking as it is not obvious to me.
Win 10 or 11 PC What do I need for route planning and navigation? I do have a USB GPS receiver. I have seen references to MapBox but it seems to be oriented toward Android and Apple.

I was originally working on a project that had a separate head unit for audio and navigation. My new project is for a very old classic vehicle that did not even come with a radio. I am not going to cut the dash to use a head unit. Even the gauge bezel is custom made to hold a 10.4 inch 1600x720 LCD Touchscreen. So now everything has to integrate into one display. There will be an Android phone operating as a hot spot and as a handsfree phone. Interface to vehicle electrical will be via One Gauge interface box. Can Bus interface to engine and transmission ECUs.

Sorry for the long post but thought I should offer details of the project. Looking for some guidance and suggestions.
Vehicle is a 1961 Ford F100 with a Ford 7.3L Godzilla with OBR Controls ECU and a 6R80 6 Speed automatic controlled be a US. Shift Controller.

Navigation is also in Windows version. If you have working GPS for Windows, it should work just fine. To activate, open top menu, tap lower right corner ‘gear’ icon and select ‘Start Navigation’.

Alternative way to start navigation is voice commands: “Navigate to …”, or a custom button tied into ‘Start Navigation’ action.

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