Windows Version Fixed screen resolution

I hope that this remark can be corrected quickly, so creating high-quality content in RealDash is very important

Description of the problem: According to my observations, the majority of users use Android OS 1920 х 720, But it is most convenient to create new content in Windows Version RealDash. After saving the file in Windows, the coordinates of all objects are always a little off if open this file in android. I see the way out is to create fixed settings in windows versions for example 1280 x 480 and 1920 x 720

please also publick all hot keys in RealDash editor

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This seems to be very difficult to explain, but I try one more time.

When you save a dashboard, the editing screen resolution and aspect is saved with the dashboard. By default, RealDash assumes that dashboard must retain its original aspect - it means that round items must remain round, and distances between gauges must remain the same regardless of the screen aspect and size its loaded on.

This means that if you design a dashboard on certain aspect and load it on another, there will be black borders around the dashboard to retain original aspect.

It is possible to set each gauge not to scale on load. This can be handy for example if you want to use fullscreen gauge regardless of screen aspect. This option is on ‘Look’n Feel->Special->Disable Aspect Correction On Load’

So coordinates are not ‘little off’, it is working as designed. Disabling this automatic scaling would just create another (worse) problem.


Real Thanks! I will explain to other RealDasher in Russia

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Problem is not out

If not use “correction on load” after load file from widows 1920 х 1080 to the anroid 1920 x 720

if use -

please check

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