Windows version not starting


I’ve spend couple hours on getting RealDash on Windows with no avail :frowning:

I’ve installed the bundle from store alongside all dependencies (VClibs) - I can confirm that everything is in place. When I start the RealDash, it shows a dark screen for something like 100-200 ms and exits immediately…

I tough that this might be related anyhow to the MS store, so I’ve copied the real exe, assets, dlls, etc. to separated dir outside of MS apps hell - same result, dark screen blinks and exits.

Checked the app directory and standard Windows temp dirs for logs - nothing.
I’ve even used the ProcMon utility to check what is RealDash really trying to do (registry, filesystem, dlls, etc.) for some lead - nothing…

How can I debug this further? I’m a SW dev myself, so feel free to post the real tech tips :smiley:

First thing to try is to run all Windows updates and try to update the graphics adapter drivers. RealDash for Windows requires well working DirectX 11 drivers, which may not be the case especially on some laptops.

Jani, is there any possibility you could release some standalone exe with logging/debugging enabled?

I’ve spend another couple evenings on this with no results… Checked Intel graphics drivers and DirectX 12 - everything fine here… I’ve also tried to start RealDash with another user account - same result… Checked dir permissions and all components of UWP platform - seems fine too. Not a single trace of an issue even using ProcMon :cry:

Unfortunately Microsoft Store apps do not really allow that, sorry. The crash logs from Microsoft store show that there are some crashes (0.1% of the users), but the reason for crash is just marked ‘unknown’. But the call stacks clearly show that app has not started at all, not a single RealDash function has been executed. That leds me to believe that there is something in the computer environment causing this that is beyond our capabilities to fix.

Finally got it working :smiley:

I’ve never ever touched anything UWP related on this OS and it screwed up itself… Here is how I got it working:

  1. Make sure that Microsoft Account Sign-in Assistant (wlidsvc) service is NOT disabled. It was in my case.
  2. Fix permissions of WindowsApps dir - there are multiple reports over the web that this can happen by itself… Mine was lacking some. Run the script that will make sure that permissions are OK:

Could be copied to some FAQ for anyone looking for this in future.