Wired connection to android from EMS

Hey all

Im new to this and would like to know, if one has a vehicle that has no OBD port, and I did an engine swap, and would like to connect to android device using Realdash via a cable, what are my options and where do I start?

If someone could explain to me how does the communication between realdash and the ecu work, and what I should look for or where to start I would really appreciate it as I have done some reading and research but its confusing…

The management Im running has a serial port, so I would love to use that if possible, but I also read that peeps splice in an OBD port into a serial to serial cable. But form what I’ve seen, the obd Bluetooth way has a communication delay so its not real time info…

Any advice and info really appreciated.

Thanks in advance all

I’m not an expert at this, so dont take anything I say for fact.

What are you using for management right now? The current list of supported items is http://realdash.net/support.php. I only use OBD2, so cant comment on how compatible or which one is best.

The communication works by a query/response method for all devices supported with RealDash (I believe). RealDash sends a query to the device, and the device responds with the data. This happens very quickly. RD then parses that and displays it. True, it isn’t considered real time, but we’re not talking long enough to make any difference for general usage. There is essentially no speed difference between Bluetooth and USB, except during the initial connection.

I have a Electromotive Tec3R Ecu with Serial communitation, I working on module based on Arduino to read data from ECU with arduino and then send all the information by USB to RealDash using RealDash Can protocol. I think this is the easy way. you can find more info and examples on RealDash | Manuals | RealDash CAN