Would gladly like to Beta Test

Hi there, is there any beta testing opening, I would be happy to help!

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We basically have a Dropbox folder that contains latest unreleased build for Android. This is meant for testing a specific feature or fix and we do not publicly share that folder.

If you want to gain access to that folder, drop me an email to: contact@realdash.net

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Hi there, I know you must be busy, But I have a couple of questions!
Some I can ask here and others more specific to my personal project!

First one, is there a limitation in the amount of camera feeds being displayed!
I need 5, including 2 permanently. My project is a right hand drive car in a french country so left overtaking is kinda risky. I have removed my front left & right indicator bulbs and replaced them by usb cams (My Front Lights are Devil Eyes Models no need for the internal indicators since I have dynamic indicators on top see the pict below) . 1 for reverse Cam, 2 others for Left and Right side mirrors, placed in the left and right doors handle, I have a MB CE124 it’s a Coupe so I only have 2 doors and the view angle is more than good, for now.

My Dashboard is very wide, 361 mm X 110 mm, where I could have my side mirrors displayed respectively at both ends, with a special animation for left overtaking, when ever I would engage the left indicator, would be displayed side by side, the front left camera next to the rear left review cam, with a little sliding animation pushing the speedometer to the right. And same animation when going back to the right lane after overtaking!
Can they be triggered, I think I can yes…

I might sound crazy but I can definitely say I have realised the potential of RealDash!
My Main Android brain is around a AIO-3399J Six-Core 64-Bit all in one industrial main board! It can handle at least 9 USB ports!

Am I dreaming or this is possible? And if Yes I will have no rest until it is done!
I will soon be Going back to my adoptive country, Martinique, where car tuning is more important than having a girlfriend, so I would be happy to be part of a representative under the sun! (As soon as I understand Arduino :smile:)

P.S. I am learning basic Arduino programming at the same time so please bare patience with me!!! And thanks in advance!
Do not forget me for the testing! LTP

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Hello, how did you connect the cameras to realdash?

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Android version of RealDash does not currently support USB cameras.


Oh, I thought that was possible some years back! Is it possible with an other OS!

It’s a project, still trying to…

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