wrong values

For some reason I am getting a wrong value on this items:

HP - difference of about 40% when comparing to Torque app and the specs sheet of my car. (This one I dont really care since the HP and torque are only in the dash because of aesthetics.

[All fuel related values]
Fuel economy - instant (differences of about 20% to 70% when compared to onboard computer and depending on RPM, smaller difference on low RPM and huge differences on high RPM).
Fuel economy - average (differences of about 20% to 45% when compared to the car computer).

On the last 150 km driven I got this discrepancy, 6.8 L/100km average (on realdash) to 10.1 L/100km onboard computer.

I am not expecting to get super precise values, specially because my car is not exactly new, but I don’t really understand what else to change since I changed already almost every item (under garage) to almost double (up or down depending on the item) and even, so I am getting a SUPER EFFICIENT fuel economy (on realdash).

How are these calculations made?
What Items are being used to calculate fuel economy?

Injector size - (is this individual or for all injectors?) even so doubled it
Volumetric efficiency - decreased the value in about 11%
Weight - my car has a weight of 1305 kg value but I’m using 1450
frontal area - is 2.14 and I’m using 2.5
Drag is about 0.29 and i’m using 0.31
Rolling resistance - increased by 0.01
Mechanical efficiency decreased from 86 to 62.

With this values I guess that I am driving a war tank… but I care about the environment since I have a fuel economy of 6.8L/100km :laughing:

The differences are so disparate that “gauge math” is not an option to correct this :unamused:

Everything else is just perfect :slight_smile: I’m in love with this app :smiley: and purchasing it was a great decision!

For the fuel consumption, please check that your engine size is set correctly on Garage. If your vehicle has MAF, its important to have correct engine size for the flow calculations.

Yup… Correct values here…
Official value is 1592 but I’m using 1600 for ease of use and “round” calculations…
Also, my car does not have MAF sensor, it uses the MAP sensor!