X/Y axis

Hi. Noticed bug adjusting x and y axis. Will not let me adjust to another number by manually inputting x y axis parameters.

Do you mean the Edit Bar in edit mode? Made a quick test and it seemed to work for me.

I’ll give it another try. Yes the edit bar.

And the up/down/left/right arrows dont work on my keyboard

Are you running on Windows, Android, or iOS?

Yes it’s true, but its only in some gauges… I experienced the same modifying s2000 and GTV6, if I select all gauges to move all 200 pixels up some gauge stay in same place and the other are moved, and if I try to move those in the edit bar the coordenates stay equal, I only can move those dragging with fingers and the move is very sluggish… Fix please!!!
PS: Android.

I tried it using windows 10 and android. They not working…

I think I found something. Seems to be related to gauges with autoscaling as they would not move with keyboard commands. Fixed for next release.