Xbox Series S

Hey everyone, I’ve been trying to connect realdash to forza horizon 4 on my xbox series s and I tried everything but It does not seem to work no matter what I do, Is there anyway I can get it to connect to my xbox series s? Or can it not connect to a game console? Thanks!


We have tested FH4 on PC only. I’m not sure if xbox version supports the telemetry in same way as PC version. Hopefully someone can confirm this.

If It does not work on xbox, may I add a suggestion for future development, perhaps make it work with xbox and other gaming consoles? Thanks!

Found this:

There is an item:

“Data Out Telemetry is not working on Xbox Series X|S.”

Apparently its not working at all on newer xbox consoles. PC and older gen xbox seems to be fine.

Ah, Perhaps this will be fixed when Forza Horizon 5 launches. Thanks for the info!!

I tested it on FH5 and apparently everything worked fine. Must use the same protocol as FH4.

Thanks for testing that! Did you try on PC or Xbox?

Xbox Series S