XML for double byte message


In my canbus i have a specific message that i dont understand how to add into my xml, this message is for cruse system and its stored in (6:3-7:0) so joining byte 6&7

What is the best way of configuring this into my xml to get correct status reading ?

Create a frame that points to an individual bits to get a on/off values from these bits:

<frame id="XXX">
    <value name="Bit 6:3" offset="6" length="1" units="bit" conversion="V>>3"></value>
    <value name="Bit 6:4" offset="6" length="1" units="bit" conversion="V>>4"></value>
    <value name="Bit 6:5" offset="6" length="1" units="bit" conversion="V>>5"></value>
    <value name="Bit 6:6" offset="6" length="1" units="bit" conversion="V>>6"></value>
    <value name="Bit 6:7" offset="6" length="1" units="bit" conversion="V>>7"></value>
    <value name="Bit 7:0" offset="7" length="1" units="bit"></value>
    <value name="Bit 7:1" offset="7" length="1" units="bit" conversion="V>>1"></value>
    <value name="Bit 7:2" offset="7" length="1" units="bit" conversion="V>>2"></value>
    <value name="Bit 7:3" offset="7" length="1" units="bit" conversion="V>>3"></value>
    <!-- etc... -->
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