XY-Graphing. With a dot, and background picture.

Good day!

I would like to propose a feature which would help users with more or less advanced ECU’s.

I, however, would take an electric motor with a traction inverter as an example, because I work with that.

The inverter is capable of sending a lot via CAN. Currents, voltages, temperature, motor speed, whatever you want and need.

It is also possible to send torque and motor speed, which would allow a very cool feature.

A graph, with adjustable X and Y axes, selectable inputs for X and Y… and then an adjustable (for example - red ) dot as a pointer of the current X-Y-value… and adjustable background.

So, I would take RPM on the X-axis and Torque on the Y-axis, take a graph of maximum torque of my electic motor as background, and then I would be able to see, in which point the motor operates!

I know that relatively advanced diesel engines can output torque estimate as well.

But because of versatility, this would be able to help with many possible X-Y-maps.

Kind regards,


You can achieve something similar already with ‘Axis Gauge’, as it allows you to select inputs separately on X and Y axis and allows you to select the indicator and background images. Check if Axis Gauge would fit to your use-case.