Yandex Navi App


i use triggers and successfully start “”

but any way i can not return to rhe RealDash (RealDash on the BackGgound) - i try all other triggers

mabe can add new trigger “Restore RealDash” ?

it is will be really bomb in Russia market work Yandex and RealDash

very wait reply


Wait, I already did it like that in the summer!
I will remember now!
Or the “Restore app” action!
or something like that! Here.
This was implemented more than half a year ago! Just send 2 to ID = 86!

Big thanks Uriy, i will made full check again

As far as I remember, the function itself is invisible as an action in RD, but on the site, in the “Target IDs” section, there is its address and status.
I mean “id = 86”