Zero byte signal processing

There is one ID (7E8) signal, it contains a packet of signals in itself, which differ by a null byte (values 10, 21-29).
For example:
7E8 8 26 08 5F 02 57 00 24 00
7E8 8 25 01 D3 83 00 00 00 00
How can we process it to respond only to the value 25, in a null byte?
I think we can do this:

< if ID800=0x25 then ID811="(B1*255+B0)/500" else > Will this work? Tell me please

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It will not work. Complex if-then-else conditions are not supported in XML conversion.

I understand, but how can this be implemented?

The only way to accomplish this is to use custom value and dashboard triggers and actions to set value to your custom value.

Can I have an example of a trigger? or where can I see an example?

I suppose that each byte should be sent separately to the SPECIFIC ECU, after which the zero byte should be checked for a match condition, for example, 0x25, if matching, show the PID body(e.g. byte 5 and byte 6).
in XML, we simply specify - id 7Е8 and 8 bytes with names:
value name “byte0”
value name “byte1”

I made a note

I was able to track an event when temp_25 is equal to 0x25. But I can't figure out how to assign a text field the temp_data value. Tell me please

Currently the only way to show this number as text is to use trigger when value changes and action to set gauge text. Make a trigger that fires when calSwitch value changes to 0 and link that to action that sets gauge text to ‘CAL0’. Then make another trigger that fires when calSwitch value changes to 1 to set the text to ‘CAL1’, and so on.

And how can we translate the value of a variable obtained in xml into text? This value changes every 100 MS (for example).
I suggested in the corresponding branch a wish for a future version of the program