Zoom level

I’ve found that editing a dash on Windows, when moving it to android again everything is a bit smaller.

Zoom at 1.74 is not enough to restore the original size.

Could the zoom be unlocked so zoom can be set to whatever you want?

See this on FAQ:


Oh, i see…

If i edit in Linux VM forced to my target resolution i wont get any issues like that?

You can resize the window in Windows version too.

Please if not hard - add zoom in editor for greate more good content

Zoom slider while editing does not make sense to me. If you want to zoom all gauges uniformly, use Ctrl+8 and Ctrl+9, or context menu ‘Page->Scale All Up’ and ‘Page->Scale All Down’

yes - it is work. but zoom need only for edit - if not forget please made zoom bar in editor
best regards