After last update i need to reconfigure usb port


Today after updating to 2.3.7 , i start to have issue regarding port number. I must open garage and select realdash can and change the port number to start communicate with Aduino.

Can you please check ?


2.3.7 has an improved support for multiple simultaneous USB devices on Android. Send me a debug log:

How to send a debug log - General / Frequently Asked Questions - RealDash Forum

Hi Jani,

I have sent 3 debug files. Size around 110 k.

Also, i have sent another one after configure the usb port so it can communicate with arduino.


I see what the problem is. After the update, the USB device name must have a match when attempting to connect. You have ‘unnamed’ USB device, identified by its internal link, like:


Problem with this name is that this link may change over the reboots when USB device hardware is allocated. You have a device with name /dev/bus/usb/004/010, and next boot name may be /dev/bus/usb/004/011, hence the device is not found when attempting to connect.

We could add a failsafe, that device is selected by VID/PID if name does not match, but this will introduce another problem; when using multiple USB devices of same type.

Thanks Jani,

Could i go back to previous version? It doesn’t have this issue.


We do not store old versions. I can build you a test version instead. Send me an email to for a download link.

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