Bmw 320d (e90)

Hi can someone help me , i have the elm327 bluetooth adaptor , put all settings on my garage accordingly with my car specs but the connection is constantly trying to connect , its a legit elm327 adaptor checked with app to see what versions can be used withh … When i had my Audi A4 same connector i was able to connect and have information on realdash …

Anybodyhere that could help me with this ?

All E90:s that I have tried have worked ‘out of the box’. Could you send me a debug log of the connection attempt:

I am already for 10 minutes on the dashboard and log file is only 2kb am i doing something wrong ?

That sounds odd. Try to send the log file anyways, I can take a look if there is anything.

I am starting to have doubts on this adapter, i open it up and i see a nv7342-0 can controller inside , it does have most pins soldered and it is compatible with all protocols after i checked with obd2 pinouts

I love a good challenge but never thought it would be a brain recker this obd2 adapter , my e90 works with this adpter using Torque , DeepOBD just not realdash which is a must to have on my bmw lol i really do not care about those other apps , it worked flawless using it on my Audi A4 , even when trying on my friends A4 and realdash it works without a fuss

Actually a few years back I had a E90 320D as my daily driver and RealDash connected it with no problems. We use OBD2 adapters from OBDLink ( They are very high quality and reliable adapters, and with latest RealDash you can use the MX series as direct CAN readers.

I just ordered on Amazon a new ELM327 adaptor with the PIC18F2480 micro controller + FTDi with all protocols available , lets hope this one will solve the problem as the PIC18F2480 is genuine micro controller that ELM electronics uses at least by my research on their wikipedia … Fingers crossed should arrive tomorrow morning

Finally got it to work , now i am just looking some PID’s for the E90 left/right indicator or if there is a list of all of the codes so i can convert them and add the ones i want … One thing i noticed when going to users , media player , realdash on the device tree i cannot have access to my hard drive where i keep all my music , there is a bug or i think its a bug that when i select other players and have the elm327 connect to the ecu the headunit acts up and comes off of realdash to the headunit media player and keeps happening every 5/10seconds , only way i got this fixed was to actually have no media player selected in users on realdash app , i think it might be having conflicts with the actually canbus decoder from the headunit … Any way you can look at this and maybe in a future update we are able to select hard drives when selecting the realdash as media player ?

Selecting music folder works for me. Could you describe the problem in more detail, what happens when you select ‘RealDash’ as music player and select the folder from bottom of the settings screen?

Right ,i use a external 500gb hard drive as a music storage ,i am able to see it in the device tree on the headunit music player and i am able to selecf it and go through my music , but when trying to do this with realdash , when going through the folders to find my external hard drive i do not have access to it from the realdash media player

Ok, got it. I don’t remember testing with external USB drive. I will check this.

Thank you so much

And by the way, the idea is good! connected an external drive and RD immediately launches media files from it, immediately accesses it and checks for music.
This is implemented on standard Head Units and Media Players.

I am glad to see this feature implemented on the new version , works flawless and just what i needed to be able to have my hard drive as my music library … With this feature now i have almost completed my headunit mod set with my e90 just a couple tweaks and should be it .

I hope you can show us the finished result?

So I assume MX+ can read the CAN information too when using with realsadh. But with my limited testing, I don’t see the door open or turn signal indicator etc. May be the compatibility with my Honda? Or is there any additional settings that I need to do? :roll_eyes:

Yes, OBDLink MX+ is capable of reading CAN directly. You need to create your vehicle specific XML file in order to read data from CAN stream. See documentation here:

Hi, I’m new to this and had a look at the XML file. Quick question, to get things like turn signals working in a BMW, you need an obdlink mx+ Right? Do you then need to do any coding or will this work out of the box? Thanks