Can't connect my Link G4 ecu to an android tablet

Hello guys. As the title says, i cant connect my Link G4 ecu to display data to my android tablet(huawei media T10). I bought the full version of realdash, a micro usb to usb female otg cable and the pclink usb tuning cable.any help is much appreciated.

Have you set the correct baud rate for the USB connection? I believe the default baud rate is 115200.

Maybe this will also help:

How to connect to Link ECU - Connectivity / Link - RealDash Forum

I have a G4 xtreme not a G4+ or G4X. But i ll give it a go…

Yea, the problem with Link ECU is that at some point they stopped sending the data stream from USB connection, but its a bit unclear of which ECUs and/or firmwares it affects. If you have an ECU that does not send USB stream, your only option is to use CAN connection instead.

Ok. I set baud rate to 38400 but and long datastream but still no connection

Which can connection will work on the ecu?

Can i connect through a link can plug?