How to connect to Link ECU

Please note that Link G4X does not send the serial data and therefore does not work with these instructions. G4X can be connected using a CAN connection.

Also, Apple does not allow normal USB devices to connect to their devices, so USB connection option is not available on iOS.

Link ECU software configuration:

  1. Using the PCLink G4+ tuning software, connect a PC to the ECU using the normal USB tuning cable.
  2. Navigate to ECU settings>Configuration>Configuration. Here we need to set the Datastream mode and the baud rate. The suggested Data stream mode is “Continuous - 12Hz” and the suggested baud rate is 38400.
  3. After making this change you need to perform a Store (Ctrl+S), then power cycle the ecu (power off then back on).

Hardware Connection:
The ECU needs to be connected to the tablet/smartphone using your normal USB tuning cable. At the ECU end this cable should be plugged in to the same port that you would normally use for tuning the ECU. The other end of the cable can plug in to any spare USB port on the tablet/phone, if yours only has a micro USB port then you will need a “Micro USB OTG adapter”. A flexible cable type adapter like shown below is suggested to prevent damage to the port from force/stress.
RealDash Configuration:

  1. Attach the USB cable to your vehicle and device. On Android, use appropriate USB-OTG adapter.
  2. Open RealDash, on first start select language, and then go to ‘Garage’
  3. Tap vehicle door and then the instrument cluster. Tap ‘Add’ on connection list
  4. Select ‘Link ECU->Serial Port->serial device name->’
  5. Select baud rate of 38400, or the value configured to Link ECU.
  6. Go to next screen until you are in connection settings page.
  7. In connection settings, select ‘Use Long Datastream’.
  8. Tap upper left corner ‘Done’
  9. Exit garage back to dashboard.