Connecting Link G4+ to Samsung S21 not working

Hi All,
I recently downloaded the RealDash app on my Android device, Samsung S21, but I’ve not yet been able to connect it to my phone via USB > USB type C cable.

I’ve followed the steps here to make sure the settings on the Link are configured correctly - How to connect to Link ECU

I’m using a USB type C OTG adapter and I’ve successfully connected to a friends One Plus 9, but still am not able to connect it to my phone.

I don’t see any differences in the settings for USB on my phone. Is there something I am missing in order to get this connected?

What ECU is that? Not all Link ECUs support the direct USB connection.

This is a Link G4+ ECU. I was able to connect to a One Plus 9 phone, so I assume the issue is with my Android device and not the ECU itself.

One thing that comes to mind is the USB device permissions. When you connect the USB to your device, do you get a system popup asking what app is allowed to use the USB?

Nope, nothing pops up when i plug in the ECU, almost like it doesnt recognize it.
When i plug in the USB OTG adapter itself it does recognize soemthing is connected, but if i then connect the USB from the Link it doesn’t show any further pop ups.

In my case, when I changed from Pixel 3a to 7a, I could not connect.
I had other OTG adapter, so I replaced them with that and was able to connect.
I am not sure of the specs of the OTG adapter, but I would suggest trying another OTG adapter.
I’m happy if this helps.

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Made an account to maybe shed some light on this topic, you will need to turn on USB de bugging on your Samsung, a quick google will explain how to do this, hope this helps


Wow, I never even thought this was possible. I always went through a ODBII adapter. This keeps it wireless as well, so charging isn’t an issue. Get a good OBDII adapter that supports CAN and it’s realtime.
Note: I also have a Link G4+

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