Custom Mapping Import / Export

please consider the question so that you can save the custom mapping settings to a file in order to transfer the settings from the developer’s computer to the client’s dashboard. (with config xml as example or other)

I optimized the global triggers as much as possible, the triggers in the skin are busy with animation, and now the projects are very large and too much code is being created for different sensors.

The input mapping and global triggers and actions should import/export with Garage settings XML file.

thank you very much for your work, I must have missed the update. I will test it soon.

this custom mapping not expsport , same as more old app RealDash

Alright, I did not understand that you meant this screen. I will take a look if we could export those with Garage settings.

This will be implemented in 2.4.0.

Thank you, I’m really looking forward to this feature