Faster way to reload the xml file

Is there a way to load the XML after changes without having to go into the car then the canbus and add the custom file? It is super slow to debug when building a custom xml file.

Currently no, there is no faster way.

Do you have a suggestion of how this could be improved?

Adding a debug function that would allow a hotkey to reload the XML file that is loaded. For every xml change I make it takes a min or so to reload the file. This involved 11 clicks and selecting the file.

Or hash the file and reload it if it changes, say upon data connection.

That could be done, but is not without problems. For example, Android 11 onwards do not allow to read user files, but instead you ‘import’ user file to RealDash private space in order to use it. iOS has a similar system.

So RealDash cannot in all cases check if user files have changed on the device.

Actually, let me take this opportunity to reveal what we have been working on into My RealDash that probably will help on this situation also:

My RealDash, new features - General / My RealDash - RealDash Forum