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Hi everyone

I have a jeep renegade with an obd2 scanner in it. With torque I can see my fuel consumption but with realdash I’m unable to make it work. I get values for MAF but the fuel consumption is always 0 for both the instant and the average. Anybody any idea what I could be doing wrong or what I need to change? I already have setup all the engine stuff and fuel stuff to the best of my knowledge.

Many thanks in avance!

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And you have set the engine size etc in the Garage?

Yeah I have read all the posts about this issue in the forum and adjusted everything to the best of my knowledge but I can’t seem to resolve it.

Have you set up Trip A and B in Inputs and Values under settings?

What exactly do I have to setup for them? I have noticed after driving quite a bit that the average does give me a values that is way too big but the instant is still 0

  • Go to ‘Settings->Units & Values->Input Mapping’

  • Tap ‘Add’

  • Select ‘Calculated Values->Trip A: Tripmeter’ and tap ‘Select Input’

Do the same for Trip B.

@realdashdev - pls correct if I am wrong.

I think in this case, the Fuel Consumption shows 0 at all times, so mapping the Tripmeters do not help in this situation.

For the original poster, please send a debug log. I’m able to play it back on our simulator to investigate why you don’t get consumption readings even when you have MAF data.

How to send a debug log - General / Frequently Asked Questions - RealDash Forum

Hi everyone, thanks for helping me out, I was driving a bit to create the debug log but saw that the fuel instant now Also seels to giving values but is it right that if I’m stationary but revving my fuel consumption is 0 because when I stop completely it drops to 0 no matter what I do untill I start driving again

I have km/L selected for instant fuel consumption; this works fine when the vehicle is moving but shows zero (with numbers showing rise to infinity) when the vehicle becomes stationary. I assume this is a dividing by zero calculation when stationary?

Yes, litres per 100 km, miles per gallon or kilometres per litre are infinite when speed is 0.

Is there a way to not make it zero since the maf sensor is still providing non-zero data or is it related to the speed?

Not really as all those consumption values are based on travelled distance. Many ECUs also send ‘Fuel Flow’ value which is litres per hour. That value will naturally show something even when vehicle is not moving. OBD2 does not send the Fuel Flow by default, so it probably just shows 0.

@realdashdev is there any way of suppressing the infinity calculation appearing on the dash when the vehicle stops at traffic lights?

@mmain which data source are you using for this? I use Trip B:Average Fuel Consumption and does not show any infinity value. Are you checking instant fuel consumption? If yes, which data source?

Also what is the use of instant fuel consuption? Even in my car MID, if I take the leg off the accelerator the l/100 km needle reading goes towards 0 and as I accelerator it ranges between 5 and 15. But isn’t that obvious? Just trying to find the use case.

When you slow down, distance based fuel consumption values will increase towards infinity as fuel consumption at speed 0 is infinite. When speed is zero, consumption of 0 is shown instead of large value.

For example, If you have ever driven old Mercedes with consumption gauge, you see that it pegs to maximum when standing still.

I’m not going to change this, as it is ‘correct’ for distance based fuel consumption. To make it less annoying, you can tweak gauge smoothing and gap the gauge range maximum value to something smaller.

@kelly many thanks for this tip, this certainly is a more useful value especially now I have resolved the underlying problem with the fuel calculation