Hondata S300 V3 - Analog inputs

Hello guys,

I am installing soon some new sensors in my car:

  • Wideband
  • Oil temp
  • Oil pressure

I know they can be connected to my Hondata S300 V3 and configured to provide data and improve performance (wideband).

Can Real Dash be configured to show the data of these new sensors on screen?

Thanks in advance.

Can’t say for sure as I do not have Hondata device to test on, but looking at the source code there are wideband info and generic analog inputs specified in data stream so they should be available in RealDash.

Thanks for your answer, sounds great!

So, If I understood well, Hondata is indeed streaming wideband and analog inputs via bluetooth so Real Dash should be able to read them. Correct?

I hope I can test it next week on a friend’s car, but by now sounds quite exciting for my project.


As I said, they are specified in the data stream. I’m unable to verify if they are actually streamed as I do not have Hondata device.

Understood, thanks.

@Zambri did you manage to get analogs to display on the dash??
ive got an s300 v3 connected to my raspberry pi 4 running realdash, all my other values (rpm,voltage,speed ect) work fine but when im assigning analog 0/1 (0 is my aem wideband and 1 is my fuel level) they dont read at all just seem to have a weird reading like 0.7 constantly. Gauges are set up correctly as they work on my s manager and also i have an old dash i made running hondash and it works on there

I will take another look. Unfortunately I cannot test as we do not have Hondata devices.

ah amazing thanks!! i tried going through all the analoges to see if they just came across in the wrong order but none of them are displaying any value.
I find it weird too that for hondata specific readings theres analogue 0-9 which makes sense but theres also analogue 1 and analogue 2 options too (not sure why theres 2 options for analogues but i tried them anyway but they have some weird readings on them :joy:)

Based on the code it seems like there are two different categories:

and then

AN0 - AN7

There are also DI0-DI7, assuming digital inputs.

I will check if RealDash does any processing of these values.

It looks like the analogue 0 - 7 is the ones im looking at. These are where you wire the sensors straight to the ecu. Im not 100% where the other analouges come from.
Yep s300 allows digital inputs too your correct!

I did some tests on our internal Hondata Simulator and it seems that AN0-AN7 values are handled correctly.

Could you send me a debug log for analysis:

How to send a debug log - General / Frequently Asked Questions - RealDash Forum

Amazing thanks ill have a go when im in the garage see how i go :see_no_evil:

I did not notice your reply earlier, as we do not read/respond to private messages.

Per log it seems like only 2 Analog values are sent by Hondata:

HONDATA: channel:"Analog 1" value:0.08 RD -> Hondata: Analog 1
HONDATA: channel:"Analog 2" value:2.48 RD -> Hondata: Analog 2

Don’t know if the values of 0.08 and 2.48 for these analogs make sense to your setup?

In addition, there is ‘Analog input 0 - 7’, but those are not send by your setup. Do you need to configure the output of the ECU somehow from their own software?

Ah sorry the guide for sending logs said an email and i didnt have your email :see_no_evil:

Hmmm odd ill try move a analoge to no.3 and see what difference it makes, ill keep an eye on those 2 values see if they are changing!

Thanks for looking

I know its a late reply but only now managed to get in the garage to have a look into this.

I had the dash running monitoring the analogue 1 and 2 values and pulled the wires for my wideband and fuel level sensors in turn but those 0.08 and 2.48 values didnt change so im not sure where those values are coming from.

On the Hondata ecu the analog inputs 0-7 are where additional analog values are wired into which is what i have done (AEM wideband into input 0 and fuel level in 1)

The ECU should be sending these values out constantly as ive used a different dash (hondash) which is a basic digital dash setup and these values are working on that but that is over USB. Is the USB protocol something you could get from that dash setup as it is open source? i know youve aid before Hondata wont give info about it but the hondash software has been out for years and i dont think hondata have changed the protocol? link to hondash
Id love to run this dash and was looking into paying for the subscription once i can get the fuel level working as this is the only thing stopping me run it right now


I really would need to get the actual device to troubleshoot this. Not only that, the entire setup with Analog inputs in use to verify what is going on. Looking at somebody else’s source code and doing changes without the device to test on will not lead to anything good.

As mentioned earlier, Hondata is not willing to help. Also, I’m not willing to purchase the whole set for testing only. I think we are stuck on this :frowning: