How do I create shift led lights

im using LFA, Ferrari, Lambo and super lightweight theme

Modifying those premium dashboards is possible but quite difficult as they have somewhat complex animations going on. If you wish to start modifying dashboards by your self, here is an exercise that you could do to get started:

  • From top menu, select Edit, then File->New. Now you have empty new dashboard.
  • Use ‘Add Gauge->Indicators->Indicator Cluster’ to add cluster of indicator images.
  • With your new gauge selected, go to Input & Values and link the gauge to RPM.
  • Go to Look’n Feel->Special to adjust number of indicators in the cluster
  • In Look’n Feel->Colors you can adjust the Indicator Blend Color. When gauge is operating in normal level, all indicators are white. In order to make them change color, we need to adjust the warning and critical levels:
    – With Indicator Blend Color selected, use bottom left ‘Editing Level’ to change that to ‘Warning’.
    – Lets make warning level to show yellow, so set the colors RED:255, GREEN:255, BLUE:0
    – Change editing level to ‘Critical’ and set color to red; RED:255,GREEN:0,BLUE:0
  • Exit Look’n Feel and Editing mode to save your dashboard and give it a try.

Later you can change the indicator images to look nicer. That is also done in Look’n Feel.

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