I cannot read the FIAT sensors on RealDash

congratulations on RealDash, it seems like a dream that I always wanted to have access to.
Let’s go to my question:

I have a Fiat Stilo 2009 and I could not read the sensors via ELM327 interface OBDII, only the battery voltage. Connected normally to ELM and ECU, but did not obtain data from the sensors.
However, I tested it on a Toyota Etios and it worked.

I have AlfaObd Fiat app and i am using the same ELM327 interface and it works normally on my Stilo 2009 1.8 8V.
I read injection, instrument panel, gearbox, engine… etc
I believe there is some blockage in the interface or protocol, created by FIAT.

How can i read this data from my original ECU module and make it available in RealDash?
Thank you

I believe some Fiat vehicles require custom init commands to read the data thru OBD2. Does anyone have experience with this so we could try?

I can also do some research a bit later on this.

Yeah, you’re right.
Only modified ELM327 works on my car. But only with Fiat’s Android app(AlfaObd) :cry:

I believe that some FIAT cars do not adopt the normal PIDid standard, so RealDash is unable to successfully request information, do you?

I believe that some fiat cars do not adopt the normal PIDid standard, so realdash is unable to successfully request information, do you?

That may be the case, but in some cases you can use standard PIDs, if you first set the custom header setting for the OBD2. I just don’t know what is the case with your vehicle. If you find any information, please share and we can try to make test XML for you to read the data.

i thought the XML file needed it was just for new PIDs or when they were different, right?

What situations do I need a new custom head setting for the ObD2?

There is no general rule, it always depends on vehicle. I know some Citroen vehicles that use all standard PIDs, but require a custom header to be set at the beginning of the communications.

What kind of information do I look for to resolve?
I Need help…

I tried to search some information but could not find anything but the initialization string for Fiat pre-CAN vehicles. I believe your 09 is already a CAN vehicle. It appears that Fiat is using its own protocol which is not supported by ELM327 adapters.

What kind of car brand and type of motorization do you have?
Here are the protocols for the popular Stilo motors

My car has a CAN network and works with an ELM327 adapter. The protocol is Iso 14230-4 KWP. I have an Alfaobd app and it works on all sensors. Only Real Dash that doesnt works.

ooooohhh nice.
My car is FIat Stilo 1.8 8V 2009 Dualogic (Selespeed)
Where I find it?
Thank you

Alfaobd- android or windows?

I have AlfaObd Android and MultEcuScan Windows both works on my Car.

If you use the CAN sniffer, you can eavesdrop on what your device is transmitting and receiving.
Take it from there and put it in RealDash.
I did it exactly the same for Renault - now I have 5 specific parameters for RENAULT only.
It should help you too.

i see.
i thought about it, but I found it very complicated with the sensor identification.
By ex, how am I supposed to identify every sensor?
There are too many…
Could you help me?

there is nothing complicated in this
Your Device communicates via Can interface via OBDII protocol with the brain of the machine.
For this, the gateway in the admission of CAN packets is most often allocated.
this is usually ID = 7E0- this is a request
ID = 7E8 is the response from the block

All right,
I want the sensors.
Coolant temperature;
Fuel levels.

how am I supposed to identify all sensors?

Do you have some video? thank you

In your program, select only one sensor to display, let it be the temperature.
then your device will send a code to the bus.
it will consist of 8 bytes maximum
in kanshin it will look like this:

7Е0 03 22 0С 24 AA AA AA AA AA
the answer will look something like this:
7Е8 05 62 0С 38 FF FF FF FF