lag whilst running realdash

Hey realdash.

First of all, what a application you guys have made !! the amount of customizing is amazing.

Only problem is the 2 seccond lag during operation, im running realdash of a note 9 so prossesing power shouldnt be an isseu. im using a bleutooth elm 327 of dutch build (no clone) and my car is a 2002 abarth with can.
When i use it with palmer PCMscan on my laptop, or similar apps on phone with samen adapter there is no lag or problems and i`m pushing a lot more data there then with realdash.
at least this is an assumtion seeing im also logging my semi automatic gearbox.

but when i link it to Realdash there seems to be a 2 seccond delay on my rev, speedo etc.
What can i do to speed up the performance, would it help to bin everything in the xml file but what im actually using?
Is there a way to stop the data traffic besides the functions i have on my custom dash?

Don`t want to hate on your product, i absolutely love it and its lightyears ahead compared to other apps.

kind regards,

Did you send an debug log about this? Can’t remember seeing one.

will do asap.