Lenovo m10 connecting problems

Hello !
Im new to realdash and have installed a maxxecu street in my rallycar but i cant get the usb serial connection to work, when i connect my android 11 tablet to the maxxecu via my Hama usbc 3.2 otg adapter i only get a notif " the conected unit is being charged" and nothing more, in realdash garage i have choosen usb > maxxecu > and then press ok symbol up in the left corner, realdash then tries connect to maxxecu but nothing happens, i have enterd developer mode and tried different usb settings but nothing seems to do the trick,
Is there any known problems with lenovo or late version of andriod ?
Kind regards, Jimmy

Yes this is a known problem with MaxxECU USB connection. See: Maxxecu street + RealDash + Lenovo M9 4G - Connectivity / MaxxECU - RealDash Forum

Thank you !
I solved the problem by simply changing to an older tablet.
Anyway Great app and really nice to use when connection got fixed

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