Linux version info and install instructions

I don’t know anything about Lintian and the ‘known_vendors’ thing really, but these links might provide some useful info:

The Lintian man page might have some relevant info too.

Also, I’d check the mentioned lines in, and try to figure out what it’s trying to do…

Hello, I’m trying to get realdash running on a raspberry pi that is running a basic Yocto OS image. The yocto image is essentially the core image with xfce desktop running. I created a realdash recipe to include all the dependencies listed above, but Yocto doesn’t pull from pre-build apt repos. It builds everything from scratch using the versions available in the given Yocto release (I’m using their Nanbield release right now)

Once I fine tuned the dependencies, I no longer get any faults about missing .so files. But now it flashes a window on the screen for a split second and crashes. I have more log files showing what libs are in /usr/lib, etc, but I’m not sure how to attach that here.

Below is the output when I run “valgrind realdash”. Seems that it’s crashing at the XOpenDisplay() and XFlush() function calls?

I’m guessing the versions of the various libraries are slightly different than the ones you’ve tested against. Any suggestions on how I could debug this further?


Hi guys
The best version of Linux for a install RD
Is debian bullseye last release

know of a way to enable autorun at login for bullseye? thanks for any help

Hey mate, sounds like youre having some suscess with linux setup.
Could i trouble you for any advice on running a quick boot linux setup on Rpi4 ?
looking for a faster boot and mainly just opening realdash in fullscreen on boot and not maximized but still in window.

Thanks for ny help, Jim