MAP display issue

Hi Jani,

Pls see attached pictures. When I cross city limit of around 15-20 km, the Map is not showing the roads. It is just a light blue screen with the route map (see light blue map). So, I changed the Look & Feel —> Special —> Map to Dark Tiles (see dark map). Now it is showing the road names beyond city limits but text is not bright now (text is light grey). Can the map text be made bright white?

Anyway, how to make the map show the road names beyond 15-20 kms even when Automatic Dark Tiles are chosen i.e. with light background?

Also, in data source for map should I show GPS Heading or GPS Enabled? What is the difference?

Screenshot 2022-01-14 110629.png small.png
Screenshot 2022-01-14 110533.png small.png

Light blue on map is ‘default tile’. It means map at that zoom level is not available at current location, or you have lost Internet connection. Zoom the map out a bit to check.

Map gauge works without any specific input set into it. It is possible to change map gauge indicator and blend colors etc. based on assigned input, as with any other gauge.

GPS Enabled input value 0 or 1 to indicate that GPS is currently active.

GPS Heading is current movement heading in degrees (0-360)

The thing is at the same location if I choose Dark tiles it is turning blue and if I choose Automatic Dark Tiles it is turning black and showing the road names…so it is not a network issue or zoom issue. Can you check if there is a bug?

Also when does Automatic zoom help ?

Automatic zoom changes the zoom level based on vehicle speed, ie. it zooms out when you go faster.

Thanks. Can you check the Dark tiles vs Auto dark tiles issue? Is there any bug there? Will be great if you can check at your location.

I will check. Automatic dark tiles setting switches to dark tiles if ‘Device Inputs->Night Mode’ input is active. So it could be that there are no normal tiles on that area/zoom level, but dark tiles are available.

Jani, I think the issue was because I had chosen Satellite view by mistake. Road view solved the dark tile issue. However, can you clarify whether automatic zoom will automatically also zoom in zoom out to adjust for the blue tile screen so that I don’t have to it?

Yes, the satellite image provider does not currently work. We are looking for alternatives.

Unfortunately automatic zoom does not check that, as blue tiles could be caused by temporary network problem or missing tile on database.

Hi Jani, when night mode is active the street/road names are not visible in white colour i.e. the same names which appear in black colour when night mode is off don’t show up in white colour. Any way to correct this?

I don’t fully understand what you mean. Post a screenshot with more detailed description of the problem.

In attached pics you can see Road names and locations in the non-night mode but in night mode they are not visible.

How to make them visible is my question.

It may be region specific on dark map tiles, as it seems to show the names at our area.

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If you see the very first message of Jan 22 on top, it was visible then. Anything to do with fonts or Special settings?

Edit: If we zoom out a lot the names are visible for me too. Can you put automatic zoom or zoom in as much as possible and see if names are visible?

Unfortunately the street names come from ‘burnt in’ into the map tiles from our map tile provider. Currently there is no easy (or cheap) way to change that.

Hi Jani, when navigation is on, is it possible to show an arrow at the top left (in say yellow colour) showing the next turn that has to be taken? Currently, for example it say in 0.2 km take left. Can we show a bold left arrow in its place? It will look visually very appealing. Hope it’s not a big ask.

Can you enable changing the text colour for the navigation text that appears on top of the screen?


The navigation instruction icons are already available. Make a image gauge and link it to: Navigation: Instruction, Current.

As for changing the color of build-in navigation bar, It has to be somewhat generic to work with any dashboard. Currently this is not configurable.


Wow, did know about this image gauge option. Will try this. So many unknown features in RD.

Works perfectly fine, Jani! Thanks.

Any other tips/tricks using image gauge or any other gauge will be of great help.

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Just one issue, Jani. In India we have right side driving like UK. The signs for U Turn and Taking an exit in a round about, need to be a mirror image. U arrow is showing on the left side. Anyway to change this?

Right and left turns are showing correctly.

Currently no option for switching these. I will investigate.