Maxxecu mini USB xml file?


I got a Maxxecu mini that im trying to connect to a raspberry pi via usb, but im getting stuck after I Select usb/serial I seems too need a xml/definition file? Where do I find that?

No XML file is needed with MaxxECU, that option is there just for debugging/testing.

There has been problems on connecting MaxxECU with USB on some devices, see:

Maxxecu street + RealDash + Lenovo M9 4G - Connectivity / MaxxECU - RealDash Forum

Aha okay I see.

Different question then, Have you tested the CAN Analyzer from Seeedstudio with linux and realdash by any chance?

Yes I have. We currently use Linux/RPi4 with PiCANHat and SocketCAN though.