Multicasting Spitronics ECU + 2 Ways Arduino

Hello every one, New B here! I have started my RealDash journey and would like to thanks the team for this amazing job!
I am the owner of an Oldtimer, so I have decided to add some fancy dashboard since I have already updated my Fuel Injection to Spitronics, which is very good.
Now my problem is as followed, I can only have displayed on my dashboard, engine datas, most of the normal notifications are not. Like door ajar, indicators, seat belts etc… So after a little digging I see this can be achieved with multicast! And to make it more challenging, I have now a 13 inches Tesla like screen at the middle consol, condemning the access to the climat controls. Thats where the 2 ways Arduino takes place! Building a new Theme for the climat should be easy enough and replacing the knobs by RC Servos as well since most of the outputs should be PWMs! Now here is my question. Can I use the 2 ways Arduino interface to send some data to the dashboard screen, like Battery, Oil, Indicator etc… Thanks in advance!

Yes you can send CAN frames over serial connection to RealDash. Also, with multiscreen setup you can share the received data to other screens using Data Multicasting. We do that on our showcase DEATHFISH 2:

DEATHFISH 2 - General / Project & Dashboard Showcase - RealDash Forum

Thank you very much, I am still in the prototyping process of the 2 Ways Arduino, so will let you know and will share my experience as well so others can benefit from it! But when you say serial connection you mean via wifi/Bluetooth or USB?

CAN data is always transferred to RealDash using a Bluetooth, USB or WiFi.

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Thanks you so much for those precious infos!

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I’ve got something tripping my mind. In my scenario, the 13" Android display is connected to my MEGABOX via usb, and the Dashboard to the Spitronics ECU! So if I understood properly I would have to connect the 13" display to my Dashboard using Bluetooth or wifi and initiate the multicast in order to chose in Realdash the extra infos I would like to see! Correct?

Yes, you can share data from your drivers cluster to another instance and vice versa using Data Multicast option.

Thank you, will working on it!

I was about to route my MEGACAN in Kicad and I realised that the 2 way changes some analog pins values, I can understand for the digital how does it do that with the analogs! I always thought you were using the dedicated PWMs pins! In my design I need all analog pins from the MEGA!

Can I add the real dash logo on my pcb design

Sure, just go ahead :thumbs:

Thanks much , I will submit final design for validation :ok_hand: :muscle: