A world premiere here in RealDash forum, let me introduce our RealDash showcase project ‘DEATHFISH 2’.

Some of you may remember early May 2021 when this forum went silent for a quite long time. We had a Garage fire that basically destroyed everything; Our demo car, RealDash prototyping and development facilities, all our tools and accessories. That was a devastating event and I personally really needed time off from everything else to get everything back on track.

I Immediately started working on saving my 'Cuda, which I’ve had longer than current businesses or family in that matter. I just could not bear the idea of losing it. For past year I have used all my spare time to save the car and to make it something very unique to show off RealDash.

Idea was to spare the burnt outside look, and otherwise restore the car into perfect condition. Instead of factory dashboard, I decided to use 3 screens to control absolutely everything by RealDash.
Displays on that image are still concepts as my graphics designers have been on summer vacation. I will add more images, info and links as we start getting the publications for this project. Here’s the info placard:

1973 Plymouth ‘DEATHFISH 2’

Garage fire survivor. Burnt down May 2021, back on the road July 2022.

Turbocharged 6.4L Hemi, E85, Tremec TKX 5-Speed.
QA1 front control arms and adjustable shocks.
Firm Feel 1.18" front torsion bars.
Quick ratio manual steering box with electronic power steering.
Calvert split mono-leaf rear suspension with Cal-Tracks and adjustable shocks.
RealDash digital dashboard solutions.

RealDash (FIN) -
Muxwiring (USA) -
MaxxECU (SWE) -
CeeCeeOy (FIN) -
SPLeinonen (FIN) -

Special Thanks:
TMT Pro Service, Mika Manninen -
Hiomo Kantanen -
Audiokauppa -
EH Autobody, Esa Hytönen
PM Technic, Matti Pehkonen -
Autosähkö Henri Siekkinen
Tomi Mäkelä, Niko Lehtovirta
Mikko Jaatinen, Esa Jääskeläinen


Little bit more info on displays.

Drivers display is a Joying Android head unit, 10.25" widescreen:

This unit connects to Muxwiring PDM modules to control all body electronics and acts as multicasting host.

Center display is a Lenovo 11" tablet. It has a 5G connection and shares Internet connection to other screens. It connects to MaxxECU via Bluetooth and shares engine info to other screens via RealDash Multicasting. All user interaction is done from this display.

Passenger display is run by Raspberry Pi4, with PiCAN3 and Waveshare 11.9" ultrawide display:

PiCAN3 is very handy as it accepts 12V to power the entire stack, including the display. Passenger display connects to MaxxECU via CAN, and additionally to Dasaita TPMS module and shares the data to other screens via Multicasting.

Another cool feature on passenger display is that it controls the heater box. The original heater box was controlled by cables, which are now replaced with servo motors and RealDash controls those via GPIO to control fresh air vents, amount of heat and heat-defrost adjustment.

Raspberry Pi runs on 64bit Raspberry Pi OS (Debian based Linux).

I wrote a simple Python script to start/shutdown this screen automatically based on if Multicasting host is available. If not, HDMI display is deactivated and power save mode is activated on Raspberry Pi. That way is consumes very little power and boots in 1 second when needed.

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Is MuxWiring still in business? They are showing everything out of stock.

Sorry, yes we are still in business (Muxwiring); We are having huge supply chain issues with some parts lead times out more that 52 weeks. Most of the inventory that we have has been purchased for our commercial accounts. Right now we are only servicing our commercial customers (units in bulk buys for same exact function) and “Hero” builds like Jani’s Deathfish project.

What we do not want to do is to give the false impression we have ample inventory, allow people to order and then not fulfill orders…

With regard to supply chain, we are talking directly with part vendors and we fully expect the parts supply to catch up with shortage much earlier than a year and suddenly a glut of parts flood the market…

BTW, Muxwiring will be at SEMA show in Vegas again this year, still trying to talk Jani into coming. Booth 23888, please stop in if you want to see Realdash and Muxwiring working as a system.

All requests for units are being done on a case-by-case basis. Please email me at with your request. I will keep forum posted on our supply chain issues and when more are available. Thanks.

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I’m planning to write an extensive review on Muxwiring modules, again probably first here in this forum, later into Instagram which I should re-activate some time soon.

I had a proper shakedown for DEATHFISH 2 last weekend, almost a 1000 kilometres.
Went thru extreme weather, hot, cold, thunderstorms, visited friends and project partners. What a nice trip.

Next we are working on “final” display graphics and layouts. I’m planning to share all 3 DEATHFISH dashboards for free for users. Will notify here when they are available.

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Excellent story! I can’t imagine that there are very many E-bodies in Finland to begin with. Do you have any pics of the car before the fire, and before you began restoration? I imagine magazines on this side of the pond would be very interested in your story, too.

This is a same car that we have used to promote RealDash from day one:

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I actually had never seen a video of it. Very awesome car!

DEATHFISH 2 will be in Helsinki American Car Show 7.-9.4.2023.

Stop by if you are anywhere near Helsinki during Easter.

DEATHFISH 2 was selected as show Top 10 in Helsinki American Car Show 2023.

Thank you all who visited me during the show!

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Looks very cool. Especially multiple monitors! Is there any body/torpedo planned for them in the future?

Don’t know what a torpedo could be :smiley: , but no. I intentionally left the car without dashboard. Its a Mad Max car from the 2050:ies.

DEATHFISH 2 won ‘Coolest Car’ award on American Car Show Kokkola 2023. Huge thanks to all who visited and those who worked on the show!

Next opportunity to see DEATHFISH 2 is in American Car Show Oulu, 13-14.5.2023:

American Car Club Oulu (

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Hey there, can I please ask how you have connected to the Joying headunit?

My plans for my project vehicle was to use the same 10.25" Joying as the gauge cluster. Mainly for the fast boot time and the camera inputs (display different parking cameras in the gauge cluster like modern vehicles).

Unfortunately im having problems connecting obd2 devices to my Joying test radio. My project would rely around a Dashbox - so a Bluetooth connection would be mandatory for me. If only Dashbox could transmit over WIFI or something else.

Thank you so much for any tips! Cheers

Indeed, these Chinese Android car head units have crippled Bluetooth. They have replaced the default Bluetooth stack with their own that basically only allows to use it as Handsfree device with your phone. In DEATHFISH 2 we use USB and WiFi connections only.

Think you for the Reply !

I am vwry interested in the USB connection. Are you using Dashbox at all?
I had a chat with the SP Leinonen guys that possibly a new Dashbox version 2 would have USB and wifi connections.
I really REALLY hope this happens. The Joying radios can be the perfect piece of hardware if we can get a hopd connection. My wifi obd2 dongle works great, wifi would be a good solution i think!

On your Deathfish, does the Joying easily read the USB information? What is connected to it, a USB - CAN device maybe?

Ive seen the OneGauge produxt and that it can connect using USB. I would like to give that a try with RealDash and the Joying. I hope the OneGauge can use one of its wired inputs to be a “steering button” in RealDash to toggle different pages (nav, performance, etc).

DEATHFISH 2 uses 2 USB connections simultaneusly:

  • Muxwiring Body modules
  • Seeedstudio CAN adapter connected to CAN bus of MaxxECU.

12 months, 11 thousand kilometres, 0 hiccups.

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So glad this popped up again. I have never seen it before.
For me it is a bit over the top but I like it and it gives me ideas of how to accomplish some of things I want to do.

Awesome car and glad to see someone else loves the standing mile.

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So I think I am going to make a purchase of the OneGauge device in hopes that I can use the USB connection to RealDash on yhe Joying radio.
If they make their USB corrupted too or something of the stupid sort, im gonna go insane ! :triumph: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth::rofl: