My RealDash manufacturer license

With the introduction of My RealDash service, we are also introducing an option to purchase a RealDash Manufacturer license from

By purchasing manufacturer license, you are therefore allowed to use RealDash in commercial purposes and re-distribute RealDash from your own sources. All manufacturers will also get a custom build of RealDash with options to:

  • Pre-defined intro images/videos.
  • Manufacturer provided default dashboard.
  • Pre-defined settings for connections.
  • Option to hide any settings/options.
  • Implementation of 1 custom communications protocol if required.
  • In case of malfunction, a direct support from the developers.

In addition, the holders of ‘Unlimited Manufacturer’ license have an option to get quotation for:

  • Full customization of UI color theme, icons and placements of the UI.
  • Full branding for the customer. All references to RealDash can be removed from the app if so desired.

Please note that custom build will not be available for iOS.

Manufacturers have an option to invite their users to sign-up for My RealDash. All manufacturer invited users will enjoy full version features, file synchronization, all premium dashboards as long as Manufacturer license is active.

There is two licensing options to choose from:

Small manufacturer license
Small manufacturer license allows up to 1000 users. Each user can use 3 devices at the same time.

Unlimited manufacturer license
Unlimited manufacturer license has no limit for amount of users. Small manufacturer license can be upgraded to Unlimited at any time.

What is the cost?

Sign up to My RealDash to see your local prices:

Will the distributed versions require internet access to continue to function properly in an offline setting?

By default the manufacturer specific build is based on public RealDash with customizations to user interface. So it contains all good and bad from public RealDash. We can work on a offline specific version with manufacturers though.

The dilemma that I’m thinking about is that I’m thinking of building and selling a custom digital dash kit right now for 1 select platform that would likely not be over 1000 users, additionally I don’t know how long I would make this in the long run either. The next thing I am considering in making and configuring type of setup for people is that I’m thinking about two difference designs for the bezels for the car. It’s for a Toyota MR2 and I’ve attached the two concept designs I’ve done, one is wide open screen and the other looks like OEM. The oem look I think would be difficult to use in an online fashion as the bezel would hide mode of the UI for both the OS controls to connect to some sort of Wi-Fi and would hide a lot of controls for RealDash too.

The wide open option could have RealDash UI changed that could possibly work and be controlled and allow features of to be functional, and would likely be easier for customers to sign up for their own RealDash subscription and follow any designs that would be made for it, but then I’m looking back at the yearly costs as being prohibitive for me to do myself, especially doing it for a small market.

When showing my concepts to the Mr2 community it’s split between both the oem look and the open look as for what customers would want.

I’ve emailed you at from to discuss with you some of the licensing ideas and options.

Just a couple words of advice before you get to far with this endeavor.
Consider carefully about selling a kit for diy installation. Whatever software you use aside you are taking on a huge liability for an instrument cluster replacement rather than Jani has done as a “companion app” he makes no claims as an instrument cluster replacement, therefore has no liability if someone, ie. me :laughing: , uses it in that way.
First of all, I’m not sure what country you are projecting sales to but in the US it is not strictly legal to replace the instrument cluster with something that doesn’t meet ISO standards. For that reason alone you better have some pretty darn good insurance should there be a loss either due to an accident (they could claim distraction if you have animations) or fire do to faulty wiring. When people are involved s**t happens!
Secondly, are you willing to be available for technical support? People WILL have tons of questions and want modification, there are lots of things you just can’t foresee, just look at this forum at the hundreds of posts and consider, you will now be the point of contact!
Maybe consider just doing a “how to” paper or video series documenting how you made one and selling that for a couple of bucks and let them do the work and sign up for the software themselves. You could even sell a custom bezel or something like that.
I am in similar situation whereas I posted a picture online and had a bunch of “I will buy it” replies and even got a PM from someone offering 2k for it! which I cordially declined as I am in a service business and know people come up with the most ridiculous and redundant questions that I don’t want to deal with.

Don’t worry bud, this isn’t my first rodeo.

One of the benefits of Manufacturer license is that you can invite your customers to MRD for free. We can build a version that does not require any log-in or online activity from the user, but that is limited to Unlimited Manufacturer customers.

I suggest that send me an email with clearly listed requirements (Req 1, Req 2 …) for your custom app and we can discuss further about how to proceed.

I understand you so well!

My thoughts on license registration

  1. Grete account for in MRD - Ok it is frenly and easy

  2. First “check in” use intertet - ok

  3. “check in” status license whit use when any service (Reset service distace)

  4. print a small RED message in advance if you need to check the license via the Internet, in advance, for example, 15 days before the expiration date

now my client ready to kill me if he can see when driving FullScreen mesage (unexpectedly while driving it is dangerous)

Please give filal instruction about check license


Current version allows 300 offline logins and will give a note before they expire.


Counter offine Logins - Better Solution !!! awesome

Please how i get info about set password in skin
For stop use current skin in other dashboard with other account

You have to purchase a manufacturer license at

For that, we need to build your manufacturer specific version that can show the locked dashboards. Contact me via email to discuss details.

Will any distributed dashes built into embedded products be dependent on my subscription? What I mean is for example, I sell 20 units in 6 months, sales die and I don’t renew a subscription, will the units I sold get pop upside and downgraded dashboards once my subscription runs out?

By default, any manufacturer specific custom version of RealDash and any manufacturer specific dashboards will stop working after license ends. This is something we can negotiate in case of force majeure.

plase made generator login and passord with no email

new user - button - i input login and password

it list
login user / data invite / and / data last login /

also if i made payment for few year (2500 EURO ) - can made 1500 pcs login with now internet ?

about custom version - i agree - not need

need only add feature load/upload custom can description file from too (as skin file and config in garage)

please please check

i try share for all user my skin - but buttons share not work
button share for all user not work
for manufacturer not work too
share by email - work
maybe problem in brouser (i use Crome)