Obdii to usb using elm327

Hi everyone I’m try to connect RealDash to obdii on my mini r53 but I tried connecting it’s not working but it shows on the pc and in the obdii monitor it shows up as connected but when I go on the Dash again it won’t connect any idea on troubleshooting steps thanks :pray: the hardwhere ids USB\VID_1A86&PID_7523&REV_0264

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One thing to check is ‘Settings->Data Source’ that its set to ‘Connections’.

Do you see the ‘Connecting …’ message at the bottom right of the screen when in dashboard?

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thanks for the replay I have just checked yes it is set to connections and yes I do see it saying Connections in the bottom right

Send a debug log, instructions here:

How to send a debug log - General / Bugs and troubleshooting - RealDash Forum

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I just sent the log to you hopefully I did it right

What OBD2 adapter is this? In the log it is just shown as ‘USB-SERIAL CH340’ which is not typical OBD2 adapter name.

I see from the logs that RealDash connects to the device, sends a command ‘atd’ and never receives any reply from the device.

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Thanks for the reply back it says it an elm327 to usb I did try another OBD software and I didn’t get a reply back as well so I think it either a drive issue or the with the obd adapter