Hello Janimm

I’m very happy with REALDASH and so many thanks to you.

im using on cadillac cts-v

I was using REALDASH with a normal.(ELM USB adapter)
It’s working fine with everything reading well.

So now i moved to
(OBDLINK SX usb adapter ) and I’m very happy with the reading speed

The problem now cannot read everything like a normal usb adapter
obdlink sx not reading Boost & Car Battery voltage.

Did there’s some special setting for OBDLINK SX adapter to read like a normal ELM usb !!


I don’t fully understand your issue. You say that you have exactly the same connection settings as:

OBDLink CAN Adapter->GM->LS Typical

But with other adapter you get some data but not all?

Please give more details of your issue. What data is coming, what is not, what are the OBDLink adapter settings, Do you see the data in CAN Monitor, etc?

my dash setup

  • coolant temperature
  • oil pressure
  • Boost
  • air temp
  • spark advance
  • lambda
  • Battery voltage
    the obd elm327 adapter can read all of those.

so now i changed to obdlink sx adapter and i following
connection settings is

OBDLink CAN Adapter->GM->LS Typical

with OBDLINK SX i get some data but not all
so i didn’t get data for :

  • boost
  • spark advance
  • Battery voltage

So your first setup was with OBD2 connection type? Or was that also as CAN adapter?

yes the first(old)
setup is for: ELM327 USB
The source: obd2 - usb - gm ls (typical)
Its reading everything in my dash also
Boost - spark advance - car battery voltage

But now I’m changed to OBDLiNK SX
The setup is:
The source: CAN Analyse - Usb - OBDLINK SX - GM LS (TYPICAL)
It’s working fine and no delay
But it’s not reading Boost - Spark advance - Car Battery voltage

Hello brother .

Any updates please


No, still looking

If Iam not mistaken you can hook your obdlink to a computer, you’ll have download their software to interface with it, but after that then you can change parameters as needed.

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