PICAN 3 & raspberry pi


i bought pican 3 and raspberry pi


i switch to use OBD2 how to setup realdash what to choose for connection?


Go to the Garage, open vehicle door and tap the instrument cluster to create new connection.

Yes but what to choose? adapters can or obd2?

It seems that pican 3 is not working…

this line in config…

not working with my raspy 4

Not exactly sure what you mean, but Raspberry Pi CAN hats are not directly supported by RealDash. You need to use one of the supported CAN adapters:


I ordered the PiCAN3 board, maybe I can get it working directly with RealDash.

You need to have busta (legacy) os version to work with raspberry pi

also need to pay attention on pins on obd 2 db2 cable

I received the PiCAN3 board and implemented support for it. The new connection type is called ‘SocketCAN’ and it supports any CAN connection on Linux. Basically RealDash will support CAN connection if you are able to read data with:

candump can0

where ‘can0’ is the name of your CAN interface.

This feature will be in next version of RealDash.


I have still problem to get candump can0 to work
it work if i put flag listen-only on

Maybe it is problem with bitrate…

I don’t think so if you get solid data with listen-only flag.

Naturally I’m unable to test all scenarios, but I confirmed that two of my test ECUs CAN data came in loud and clear.

What raspberry pi os you use?

Do you use 120om terminator?

I used the latest 64bit Rasbian for the development on Raspberry Pi 4. And yes, CAN bus requires the terminator resistor to be in the bus. Many ECUs have this built-in, but you need to measure to be sure.

and on the pican 3 you use terminator?
you switch jumpers to obd?

No terminator in PiCAN as I have it elsewhere in the BUS. No soldering of any kind to PiCAN as CAN goes in thru screw header.

This SocketCan functionality is exactly what I needed for a project of mine! Any ETA on when the next version will drop or is there a way to get a beta version?

2.0.5 will be out hopefully by the end of this week.

I got realdash to work with a 2004 Ford Excursion on a bluetooth dbd2 interface. It’s a Veepack.

It’s detecting that the protocol is ISO15765-4 CAN (11 bit ID, 500kbaud)

I’m trying to get the pican3 to work now instead of using the bluetooth interface. I can do candump can0 and I do get data back from cmdline. However it’s not picking up the data on the gauges like it does with the bluetooth adapter. I can dig in a learn a bit more about can/obd2 when I have a bit more time. Kind of figured it would work if it worked with the bluetooth adapter.

Also, I did solder the obd2 pins per the instructions here: https://copperhilltech.com/content/PICAN3_UGA_10.pdf

because I’m using an obd2 cable.

it seems like there should be a socketcan listed in the obd2 connections and I should be able to pick the generic file, it’s just obd2 over can… There was no file picked which is why nothing works, but it’s not really can, it’s still obd2… over can… I also know very little about what I’m talking about, so there’s that. But I am a software engineer and I also stayed at a holiday inn last night, so there’s that.