PID dacia duster

Good morning

I have a problem it does not work on my dacia duster it displays verification of PID support
Why ?

Help me please

Checking PID support is standard message from RealDash. At least it verifies that RealDash is receiving ‘something’ from your car.

So, could you give more details about the problem?

Here is the problem display
It shows up but nothing happens

Unfortunately we are unable to test all vehicle/adapter combinations. It could be that your vehicle requires some special OBD2 initialization commands that we are not aware of.

In addition, some OBD2 adapters are unable to set the automatic protocol, so you may need to find out what protocol your car uses and set it manually.

If you know how OBD2 connection works, you can try the default commands in OBD2 Monitor (in connection settings). The default command structure RealDash uses is here:

RealDash-extras/realdash_obd2.xml at master · janimm/RealDash-extras · GitHub

This can come from the OBD2 reader to buy? Or the car? I must copy the text I copy or the command structure?

In XML there are ‘command’ attributes, you can try the commands in ‘init’ section for starters.

If you are uncomfortable entering PID commands to your vehicle, it may be better to ask someone with more experience to help you with it.

Could it be from the odb scanner?

Possible, some adapters claim to be able to set the OBD2 protocol automatically but just don’t work. The symptoms could be exactly what you describe, as ‘Checking PID support’ message is shown when command 0100 is issued. That is the first command that actually goes into the vehicle and it should report back what PIDs are supported on 0100 range on that vehicle.

on the other hand I manage to read with Torq or other so it’s a problem between scanner and realdash ?

Torque has much better OBD2 support. That is all they do. Judging by how much longer it takes for first connection on Torque it probably has some sort of fallback mechanism when adapter automatic protocol detection fails. It also may read the VIN and determine different path based on that.

Good morning
i will buy obd attached
is this compatible?

Yes, all OBDLink adapters are compatible with RealDash. That still will not guarantee that RealDash will receive data from your vehicle as it may need some custom initialization that we are not aware of.

Hello install new obd Here is the display

But still display PID search !

It will ALWAYS show ‘Checking PID Support’ message. But I’m assuming you mean that you don’t get any data from the vehicle to the dashboard.

Please send us a debug log. Instructions here:

How to send a debug log - General / Frequently Asked Questions - RealDash Forum

Did you receive ?

You have the protocol set manually in connection settings? Per log it seems that protocol selection is wrong:

13.6.2023, 10:35:41.103: OBD2: Received protocol info: 9
13.6.2023, 10:35:41.103: OBD2: Send: 0100
13.6.2023, 10:35:41.135: OBD2: Receive(33ms): CAN ERROR

13.6.2023, 10:35:41.136: OBD2: Got CAN ERROR for pid request 0100
13.6.2023, 10:35:41.136: OBD2: Send: 0120
13.6.2023, 10:35:41.141: OBD2: Receive(6ms): CAN ERROR

13.6.2023, 10:35:41.142: OBD2: Got CAN ERROR for pid request 0120
13.6.2023, 10:35:41.142: OBD2: Send: 01041
13.6.2023, 10:35:41.174: OBD2: Receive(33ms): CAN ERROR

Your vehicle responds with ‘CAN ERROR’ to all requests.