Project "LCD E-cluster" in progress

For Mitsubishi OutlanderXL/LancerX

For Volvo XC90 started
(no video)


Great job, very nice animations :thumbs:

A lot of work has been done. Well done!
Do you know the accent? Canada? New York?))


That looks good, you done nice job :exclamation:

Great works.

Can you please share with us how you going to open / close the display?

sorry. I didn’t quite understand what it means to “open and close the display”…


I mean how do you manage to close the LCD display / tablet once you shutdown the car?

Normally the display should be ON once you insert the key / push start button, and the display should turn off when you shut down the car. To act as normal dashboard.


ahh …
I control the Power button on the LCD-board and the Power button on the android-board via Arduino-CAN-adapter.
When it get IgnOFF from CAN-bus, it wait 30 sec, then turn off LCD and Android-board.
When it get IgnON, it turnOn.
Arduino run always.
All just.


Are you using a seperate Arduino to control display? Can you please show me how do you connect them?


You are not carefully reading.
No, I am not using display controls on the Arduino.
There are many different single board computers with Android.
I use Khadas VIM3L.

Ksati! I am thinking about buying VIM 3
I would like to ask if you could do a test with your Khadas, from the moment you turn on the power until you turn on the RealDash! How many seconds does VIM 3 start?

~ 25 sec


Hi, guys…
my project is close to completing the first phase.
I almost finished a cluster for my Mitsubishi Outlander and even started selling the same … a lot of people are asking to do the same … ))))
the next stage is Volvo XC90 …
and the third stage - I’ll try to create a startup for the development and production of other cars …

How do you like my job? See YouTube…

What’s the aspect ratio on your LCD?

phisycly 1920x720, by android draw 1920x1080…
so on the monitor I have to draw like this

Bro dope project congrats, can u tell me what are components that you are using?

For the computer i saw that you are using a khadas vim3.
What are you using for the can scanner?
Can you send me the link of the display used in your project?

what is the white board that u have connected?

MaxFalk, I got it, I do it myself!
The compression is 1.5 vertically …
But then circular elements, such as arrows and scales, need to be canceled preserving proportions for them … and in this case, VIM performance immediately drops …
And with three, four arrows, there is no longer 60 FPS, but only 30 - 45 FPS, which is very frustrating …
How do you solve this?

I completely forgot to take a look at this, sorry :frowning:
I will push 1.8.9-beta1 soon, which may have an improvement for this.

White board - my own development. 2-way CAN -controller