Purchased Premium Dashboards in RealDash But Not Received

I’m facing a bit of a dilemma and I’m hoping someone here might be able to assist me.

Recently, I made a purchase within the RealDash app to access the premium dashboards. I was excited about the additional features and customization options this would bring to my dashboard displays. However, despite the payment being processed and the amount being deducted from my account, I haven’t received the premium content I paid for.

Has anyone else encountered a similar issue? If you have, could you share your experience and let me know how you managed to resolve it? I would greatly appreciate any advice or insights you could provide.

If anyone has successfully dealt with this issue or has suggestions on how to proceed, please feel free to chime in. I believe that your experiences and input could be incredibly valuable in helping me navigate this situation.

Thank you all in advance for your time and assistance. I’m looking forward to hearing from you and hopefully finding a resolution to this matter.

the item i purchased was listed ass the full version under the other option:

Where did you purchase from (Google/Apple/Microsoft)? Are you using RealDash on same device you made the purchase with.

Maybe this will also help:

RealDash purchase options - General / Frequently Asked Questions - RealDash Forum

I made the purchase via the Microsoft. i also use the RealDash app on the same device(AsusG15 laptop-windows 11). Is there anything i can do to get the items? i really would still like to the premium dashboards.

I appreciate the quick response, thankyou :smile:

And what happens when you press ‘Restore Purchases’ button on ‘Settings->Other’?

after trying to restore
i get the message on the down right part of my screen saying: Restored 1 item.
but i still don’t get the premium items or a refund :frowning:

So that says you have made one purchase from Microsoft store. Is it a dashboard or a full version? You should be able to see your active purchases by following instructions on this link:

View your Microsoft Store order history - Microsoft Support

I believe i purchased the full version.

i blurred out some parts because i was not sure what i should or should not show.

Ok, and based on your screenshot, the full version is activated properly. What seems to be the problem still?

when i try to use the premium dashboars i can’t. i get a prompt to get a subsription or to purchase the dashboard. :frowning_face:

When you purchase a full version from the stores, you get:

  • Unlimited drive time, no nagging screens
  • Datalogging & Log Viewer
  • Voice Commands
  • Navigation
  • Data Multicast
  • Option to clear error codes (when available on ECU)
  • Unlimited Trip Diary entries
  • Option to use custom intro images, or skip intro
  • Unlimited performance measurements

From stores, all premium dashboards are separate purchase. Optionally you may want to consider signing up into My RealDash (my.realdash.net). With My RealDash subscription you get:

  • All full version features are available with any OS with RealDash (Windows, Android, iOS, Linux)
  • All premium dashboards and other content.
  • File sync between RealDash and My RealDash.

Thanks for the help, much appreciated :smile:. getting a subscription was my first idea, but i don’t have a credit card :frowning_face:.

We have recently added more payment options, like debit cards and PayPal. These are country/region dependent though.