RealDash purchase options

The purchase options in RealDash can be somewhat confusing. We have plans to make this simpler, but there are some things we need to consider.

When RealDash was originally launched, it was available only from the app stores. Purchase options were a Full version activation and premium dashboards.

All purchases from the stores are done from the store owner. If you purchase from the Google Play store, you are purchasing from Google. Problem with this is that cross-selling is strictly forbidden by store rules, so any purchase from Google cannot be activated on Windows or Apple devices. If we would give you a full version on Windows when you purchase from Google, Microsoft would kick us out from their store (and vice versa). Think of this as if you buy a game for Playstation, you don’t get a free game for XBox. They all want their slice of the pie.

Some time back we introduced My RealDash service ( which added another purchase option; an annual subscription which gives all features and premium content on all supported platforms. Obviously this is our preferred purchase option as it is a purchase from us, so we can give you a access to all versions with a single purchase, and stores won’t take their typical 30% from the top.

So why don’t we just remove the store purchases and offer only the My RealDash subscription? We would very much like to do that, but unfortunately there are some very strict store rules that apps must offer the store purchase as a main option for the user. This rule has recently relaxed a little bit, but still to our experience, the rules seem to be different for the small companies. For example, Spotify can offer their own subscription directly on first screen of the app, but we know very recent small game developers trying to do the same being kicked out from the store. Being able to distribute RealDash from the stores is vital, so we have to make decisions carefully.

In summary; If you like RealDash, please purchase the My RealDash subscription. That ensures that most of your money goes into the development of the app. For now, the store purchases will remain as an option, but you need to understand the limitations that come with store purchases.

I would like to be able to purchase only access to premium functions without consulting my realdash, would it be possible to make the purchase via the website?

Not 100% sure what you mean, as My RealDash is a website.

But if you do not want a subscription, only option is to buy premium dashboards separately from either Google, Microsoft or Apple.

I want to download the application and purchase its functions through the realdsh website, without needing email and the play store. I made a project to sell and at the moment I don’t want to have to keep track of my realdash.

I want to download the application and acquire its functions through the realdsh website, without needing an email or play store. I made a project to sell and at the moment I don’t want to have to sign my realdash. By doing it this way, the value is all for you. It’s simpler because I don’t need to create a new gmail for each new project.

If you have a business that uses RealDash you need to purchase the Manufacturer License anyways in order to use RealDash with your business. As a Manufacturer Licensee, you can invite your customers to enjoy all premium content for free.

I don’t have a company, at the moment I don’t have the money to buy the license, I just wanted to make it easier to purchase the premium app. I’m from Brazil, I’m starting this project to sell dash, in the future I’m going to open a company.

I understand. On the other hand, I’m sure you understand that you cannot just take somebody else’s software and start selling it or its contents. We offer very affordable €50 per month license for small companies and start-ups.

Considering that Manufacturer license gives you rights to re-distribute the software, sell your own dashboards, make installations, get updates and fixes, direct contact to developers, options for customization projects and much more, some may even think that its way too cheap.

I’m going to pay to use the premium app on every dash I sell, I just wanted to pay for the website to make it easier and for the money to go to you. It would be as if I were an individual user. 600 euros in Europe is not a lot of money, but in Brazil, which is 5x1, it is a lot of money. thank you for your attention.

I’m not going to use your app without paying, I’m going to pay for the app and for the dash that I use in my project, the idea was to pay for the app and the dash that I’m going to use right here on the realdash website and not through the play store.

I will sell 1 or 2 projects per month, making a subscription of 600 euros per year is unfeasible at the moment.

Many people do that, but it is not allowed per RealDash Terms of Use. Without Manufacturer license, you are not allowed to re-distribute, install or setup dashboards for other people if you charge money to do that.

Do you have the option to purchase a license for 100 dash?

No. Only options are purchasing individual parts from Google/Apple/Microsoft to your personal account, or a subscription from My RealDash.