Real Dash OBD2 Connection Issue with Scanner Elm327 Bluetooth V1.5 Dual Board Pic 8f25k80

Hello everyone,

I’ve been facing an issue with Real Dash not being able to connect to my Scanner Elm327 OBD2 Bluetooth V1.5 Dual Board Pic 8f25k80. Strangely, the scanner connects successfully with other apps like Torque Pro, but when I try to connect it to Real Dash, it just keeps attempting to connect even when I use the correct protocol or leave it on automatic.

Has anyone else encountered a similar problem? If so, could you please share your experience and any potential solutions you found? I’d greatly appreciate any help or advice to resolve this connection problem.

Thank you in advance!

My car Toyota Corolla 2007/08 xli 1.8

Yes, this does happen to other people too with RealDash. Sometimes it starts working by updating to premium OBD2 adapter, sometimes don’t.

Torque is an excellent OBD2 app. They definitely know something about OBD2 connections that we do not. But to be fair, they have multiple years head start to us and have luxury to concentrate on OBD2 only, vs. dozens of connection types RealDash offers.