realdash can

hi all,

im trying to connect to realdash via can with an syvecs s7 ecu.

my question is witch can protocol realdash can understand.

the syvecs is using can2.0b.

does anyone have an idea how this sould work?

( have an arduino and an can shield )

thanks in advance

First you need to create a channel description file that describes the Syvecs CAN frames. See examples of other ECU XML files here:

Then use a RealDash supported CAN to serial converter to read the CAN data to RealDash.

You can also use SPLeinonen’s DashBox ( as a converter, or use DIY solution and implement RealDash CAN protocol, Arduino examples are also in GitHub extras project:

hi dev,

ive bought the can analyzer and ive got communication with my laptop.
when im using the can monitor i see the hex numbers.

the only thing thats holding me back is the xml discription file.

can you help me with this, or somone, as im not an programmer?

With kind regards maarten tiemessen

Does Syvecs have a predefined list of CAN frames they use, or do you have to define them manually by yourself? If they have a predefined set, I can make the XML for that as it will be helpful for other Syvecs users. For custom data, we just do not have resources to do that as it can take a long time.

hi dev,

here’s whats in syvecs:

this is what it does now…

more photo’s

I don’t believe I can use the screenshots for anything. Could you link the Syvecs documentation that describes their default CAN frames?

hi dev,

this is the generic can immage thats in most, if not all, syvecs ecu’s have.

this is an link to theyr software:

and if you want an calibration( map ) i can email you one, as you need this to vieuw the software.

if you open the calibration, you find an long list of functions, theres data streams someware.
if you open that up and click on generic CAN transmit, and generic CAN receive it wil show the can protocol in detail.

if i can do anything to help or be assistance im more than willing to help.

with kind regards maarten tiemessen

ive just had contact with syvecs, they send me an callibration with the default generic can settings.

these settings everyone can use in they’r datastream settings

if you want dev i can send jou these.

Please do:

hi dev,

any progress?

Still on todo, too many more pressing items currently.

any update’s?

if i can do anything to help you or somthing else, please let me know.

( i think this can stream can alsow be used with life racing )

Yes, we are working on this with Syvecs representatives. Hopefully will get something ready next week.

hey mate,

Send me your SCal file via pm and I will look into making a .xml test file for you to try.
I have made a draft syvecs .xml for testing, however every syvecs cal file can have different CAN transmission data content and addresses - they are fully customisable. There is no single syvecs default as even the default for individual cars (pnp kits) and different ecu’s will have a different default data set for CAN.

Based on your screen shot the resolution is a little too low for my eyesight so I cant make out all the details.

Also, what car is this on? more specifically what is the engine layout? v6, straight 6, 4 etc. is this a pnp kit?


@rod ive sent you an pm.

as of my understanding, this can immage can be used on all syvecs ecu’s.
this is the standard immage/cal that came with the ecu (s7plus) .

an frend of mine has an s6GP and has copyed this can stream in to his ecu, and has the same results.

with kind regards

Great that we might soon have an option for Syvecs.

My S6GP though is running custom can and the frame / slot are a bit different to that of the OP’s.

So whatever happens i think it will be required to do some fiddling around.

I should say i wouldnt want to change the custom can much as i have a device (Toucan) which is using it.

I’ve sent Maarten a test file, hopefully it works out for him.
I suspect there might be some minor issues with units using the default realdash and default syvecs units.

If that’s the only problem it will be easy to fix and I will write a “how to” set up your own .xml file as required for Syvecs users. You will just need to update the .xml to match the CAN frames you want to read.

Thanks mate for helping out. I will for sure check if there is a problem with units or something on XML.

ive just tested the xml, the engine rpm works like a charm.

i think were in the right track with this.