RealDash version 2.3.7

  • 2.3.7 released 26.2.2024


  • Option to combine one day trips.
  • Fade Gauge Action: Option to select easing function.
  • New Action: Animate Value.
  • DashTalk: updated to gpt-3.5-turbo.
  • Garage Tyre setting: Pressure Warning Limit.


  • Fuel consumption correction is now applied to trips with Fuel Flow input.
  • Fixed an issue with units text gauges.
  • Fixed updated dashboard not offering a Download option in the Gallery.
  • Fixed issues with NMEA2000 CAN connection.
  • Android: Fixed a issue with multiple USB connections.


Immediately after releasing 2.3.7, we got a message from OpenAI that our API key has ‘leaked’ and was disabled. Will need to investigate how to integrate the key in secure way.


Please add short MP4 Video file loading possible as intro animation!

Intro already supports mp4 videos.

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Oh ok. My bad! What’s the max duration?

The reason why I have asked is because I will be soon showcasing my vehicle in some french club saloon! To my preference my intro will be 3 to 5 second max! But for the show maybe a mp4 setup with more! My main board is a Rockchip rk3399, a beast!
With the possibility to built my own ROM! For my setup to work seamlessly and for now I have added a LiPo secondary battery for standby mode when car is parked for at least 4 days. I also have an auto start mode that monitors the batteries and would start the engine for a little charge up if any of them would go bellow a certain threshold. My dash system is always on no matter sleep mode or up mode! Will share design as soon as possible! I have so much coming! Just stay tuned!!!

It is not limited in any way.

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How will this DashTalk work?

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Right now it does not as OpenAI locked our token, we are working around this.

DashTalk uses speech recognition. If spoken text is not detected as known command ( Supported voice commands - General / Frequently Asked Questions - RealDash Forum ), prompt is sent to ChatGPT to have a discussion over long, lonely trips.


I tried the voice commands and it’s interesting. But when I use them, the poweramp stops and does not restart. I have to reopen poweramp.

I’m running a pi5 with realdash 2.3.7… I am trying to make a button toggle a gpio output 21 (pin 40). I am new to this, and have tried different action types, and the only way it seems I can control the output is by using the terminal and typing in ( gpioset gpiochip4 21=0 or 1).I am trying to control a relay on a tophat board. Any advice on how to toggle this output with one pushbutton would be a great help. Edit: ^^^action type/run terminal command ^^^

This should work:

Action Type: Toggle Value on/off
Select Input: GPIO: Output (Pin 40)

Tried that, I’m wondering is the code for controlling the gpio different from pi 4 to pi5 and if so is the real dash updated for that. I had to install Bob Rathbones GPIOconverter just to get the ability to control the GPIO outputs. So is the action/toggle GPIO sub commands in realdash outputting the GPIO in this format ( gpioset gpiochip# ?=?).

I get no output to pin 40, using the action type=toggle on/off…select input= GPIO outputs (pin40). I do get a output by selecting= push button and input= run terminal command (gpioset gpiochip4 21= 1 or 0)

I have the new RP5 and if your using python the commands are different than the RP before.

Yes I would agree, I am curious to know if real dash has made that change as well because that’s why the GPIO actions don’t work. I guess that would be the better question…is realdash using python3 for the script commands?

No, I was just assuming it works the same as older PIs. I will take a look and attempt to fix for next release.

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Ok thank you, I will be looking forward to the new release! :grin:

Very cool, I’m doing some tests on the API and I noticed that it is possible to ask questions about specific variables in the code, I think it would be possible to ask questions related to Realdash variables such as: What is the engine temperature? What is the fuel level? Among others.