Series5 UIS7862 + 12.3" hi bright


i made prototype new universal platform for RealDash DashBoard

PCB UIS7862 + Display BOE 1920 x 720 mm 130x310 mm. 850 nit -
curent in sleep mode only 6 mA!!! start from sleep 5-10 sec/
Price arround 200 USD (with no house and inputs board ) at the moment I am studying the demand for this product

also i can made with any inputs PCB onboard platform as option Touch, gyroscope… 400-700 USD full complete DashBoard
also video


Looks like you found the back half of an Android radio. That is pretty neat!

The display is 310mm x 130mm, correct? If so, I want two of them!

2 pcs variant size Touch glass
Thouch glass have outline 130 x 312 mm ( 130 x 312 is true on foto little uncorect )

I think at the moment the publication of contacts will violate the rules of the forum RealDash. I have now sent a prototype to Finland and we will wait for Jani to test it

prease wait


I wouldn’t need touch, as the display would have to be behind a curved piece of clear acrylic, anyway. Very intrigued by your approach!

with no thouch glass - you save money arround 50 USD - out line display BOE : 130 x 310 mm =

Ready to do some development on a different model, when you are ready.

course it is my main work - i development any DashBoards - Connector to Connector

current order on the my platform Series4 but i hope we made mass product Series5! i seek client, manager and investors =)) - I’m just a humble inventor & developer inputs (digital and analog) PCB and contol MCU (for correct swich on / off our dasboard)

The demand is there for high quality product.
How you get it in front of the people doing these tuning mods… separate topic.

First is the solution, all the others using arduino raspberry khadas have issues, either slow start or don’t shut off and can’t get them to shut off, hence the comments you see about wakeup ro battery drain.

Second and very improtant is the actual graphics, and even better if they can be customized within the RealDash theme, colors, etc.

Would it be possible to make one using this screen 62.78€ 10% OFF|Wisecoco 14 Zoll 4k x aida64 ips lcd Monitor sekundäre Spiele konsole Panel 60Hz Controller Board Himbeer Pi Display|Tablett-LCDs und -Paneele| - AliExpress ?

For car your display very very bad brigth

But you can plug it in my Series 4 - as i found time i made this platform open


How to purchase series 4 without screen? and instructions to install screen because I already have the screen

Oh. Sorry - forum rules - please not ask about how purchase
I can not write about sell. I ready made all hardware pcb draw open and free for all. Firmware also free

Unless I missed another post somewhere, the forum rules here doesn’t mention that you can’t point someone towards purchasing of the hardware.

Yes, no problem promoting your RealDash related products here.

please write me mail -

Good work, but needs improvement, I agree with you. But the idea is great, if you modify it a little, you can sell it.


I need few days… in show my mass made …
I develop new 2x CAN canbus and ADC

Please write your demands .

What is the latest on the version sent for evaluation to Finland?