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Hi there

I am connecting realdash in a renault scenic2 using bluetooth and I have the problem that the connection is very slow, for example the rev indicator goes up to beat from 2000rpm to 2000rpm, it is not fluid at all.

Can I improve this situation in any way?

I tested it with a huawei p smart 2019 and a samsung galaxy grand prime.

Thanks a lot

Moved topic to OBD2.

Most likely this is due the fact how OBD2 works. If you monitor RPM only, it will probably update very fast, but since OBD2 is a poll based system- ie ask one value-get one value. If you are monitoring many different inputs it will slow down the update rate on one individual input like RPM.

Also, because of this RealDash uses quite a bit of smoothing on needle gauges which may make it look like its dragging.

You can try to improve the performance by enabling two optimizations for OBD connection.

  • Go to ‘Garage->Connections’ and select your OBD2 connection settings

The ‘Use Multipid Request’ will increase the data rate on newer vehicles that have a CAN bus. It is disabled by default since it will slow down connection time on older (<07) vehicles.

The ‘Request Only First Reply’ option will also increase the data rate on modern vehicles by requesting information from first available PCM. Many values are available in multiple PCMs and when this setting is disabled, the ELM327 adapter will wait until all PCMs have replied with the data. Again, this setting has no improvement on older (<07) vehicles.

If the bluetooth obd is slow, what type of connection do you recommend?

Thanks again

Its not a Bluetooth that is slow, its the OBD2 itself as it is originally a diagnostics port not meant for the real-time data display. The data rate from OBD2 is very vehicle specific and I have seen anything on between 5-650 values per second coming out from the port.

If you want better performance, your options are:

  • Use an aftermarket ECU
  • If your vehicle has CAN bus, use CAN converter to read frames to RealDash