Проект VIRTUS_3

All good and peace! I want to show you my modest project !!!
I hope you like it)


Nice. What hardware is realdash running?

Km8 pro emms 2/16gb

That looks great - can you provide more information though please?

What hardware are you using? - I see you say KM8 Pro, but that’s just an Android TV Box.

  1. what screen are you using?
  2. How are you powering it up quick enough to use? (Or do you have to wait a few mins for it to load?)
  3. How have set up all your dash lights that are not on OBD?
  • So, I mean, when you indicate left or right, high beam, low beam etc etc - all those dash lights?

Hey. I do not turn off the display completely, the panel boots up with the car opening remotely, I use the RealDash Can protocol, well, almost it! Rather, it is already a symbiosis of Can and OBD II … Thus, I own any information about the car, including analog. Even. Vin Code and Mileage.

Sounds great! I’m looking to do something similar myself.

I’ve built many Arduino based projects over the years - even remote start for my old car

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qFIqwfsw9Hc (<-- Remote Start demo)

I also reversed the iDrive controller so it can be use a bluetooth input device (You can see a few random videos on my channel)

My biggest question / problem is finding a decent screen though - can you please tell me what screen you used and its dimensions?

Many thanks for your reply :slight_smile:

PS: I have just found what I believe is your project on drive2.com - but I’m using Google Translate to read it in English, and I don’t seem to be able to find any details on the screen you used. It’s an awesome project you’ve done there though, really love it

Thanks. But I deleted the technical details, since for most people it is not necessary to know. This is not the first year I’ve been doing this to give away ideas for free))). All the information you can start with is available on the Internet. I only post reviews. I hope you understand!

I too let people use my stuff for free with code on github etc etc.

All I’m trying to figure out is a good screen. In the UK I can’t find one, but yours looks like a nice size.

I am using a matrix from SHARP. Just enter in google lq123 …

Great, thanks :smiley:

Out of curiosity, is it touch screen? What if you need to interact with it for any reason?

Keyboard, mouse, non-touch screen

!All spring mood friends!
Hail RealDash!

Great dash, good Job!

I am very pleased to hear this from you Jani! Thanks!

Introducing the VirtuS 4 theme inspired by the new BMW 2018 tidy

Please comment, like or not?

Looks great! Would like to see it in more action.

I will make a quality screen recording soon!

I recorded a portion of the path using screen capture. To get to know each other better.