Windows App ver 2.3.1

I try the Windows application and find a problem with the stable connection of the adapter. I’m using OBDlink MX. The connection is restarted every time RD is running. I rule out problems with the operating system, since I can successfully communicate with the adapter through the terminal.
Where to dig?

Send a debug log for analysis:

How to send a debug log - General / Frequently Asked Questions - RealDash Forum

I discovered that the problem with the connection is also observed on android.
The log was sent from the application for Windows and Android. Obdlink LX adapter is connected in CAN/LIN mode.

Did it used to work before 2.3.1 update, or you never got it working?

I see from the log that parser receives data and replys that received data is invalid. Unfortunately there is no more detailed logging of ‘why’ the data is invalid.

I don’t know if it worked on earlier versions. 2.3.1 became my first (if you know what I mean =)
What does the term “the data is invalid” mean?

I sent 2 more logs from same Windows.

  1. The adapter is connected in CAN/LIN mode, problems are observed here.
  2. The adapter is connected in OBD mode. Everything works well here.

Invalid data or invalid reply is probably due attempting to set a CAN protocol/speed that is not supported by your CAN device. Try another protocol/CAN speed.

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