How to fast boot on rpi5

So, im wondering if there is a way booting RD on my rpi5 faster than 16 seconds!Pidash can boot in 7 second with a raspberry 5, but i prefer the realdash interface.

I know that it can be in stanby mode and boot really quickly, but im needing some coaching on this

After you disable the Intro, the loading time of the dashboard depends fully on how much assets it has. If you have a lot of graphics and fonts, the loading time can get into several seconds.

It is possible to combine a lot of small images into image atlas to speed up the loading. See discussion here:

Play / Pause button transition - Dashboard Design / Generic Design Discussion - RealDash Forum

The problem is not how fast the rpi5 can lauch the realdash app

The rpi5 boot in 15 second, this is in this boot time i wanted to be faster

As far as I know there is no easy way to make it boot faster unless OS is customized.

4 sec is my boot time from power on to realdash with rpi 4.


Did you want to share anything about how you got it down to that?

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Yes, please share how you achieved that.

What we have found that best performance increase is to use fast SSD drive instead of MMC card for the OS. Then there is some tweaks to ‘slow start’ some of the operating system services. These can get you to ~10 second range, but 5 seconds sounds like heavily customized OS.

But… how did you acheive that?

Me too! I would love to know how you achieved anything like that fast. impressive.

Got my Raspberry pi 5 yesterday and starting to build the cluster. I will post what I do for speed. I did put a NVME hat on there and set it to run at gen 3 speeds. Its super quick but I wan to get speeds faster and m ore like its not hacked in the car but a legit install.

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Can you share with us the way you did it

Use this link to install and update your system for gen 3 and boot from NVME.


yeah… but how much time it take to boot?

Sorry but until no production release from realdash side I won’t share it because i had to modify the app as well.

I getting 5-6 sec with something cheap sandisk memory card.

Nice, i cant wait anymore

What exactly does this mean?

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Need internet to login to dash.
As I seen have to reactivate every 100 days or 100 runs? I don’t remember.
So I use read-only file system.

I use modified binary to let it activated already. (I have subscription)

Yeah but… i mean do u run bookworm?dietpi? How do u modify it to boot into the desktop in 6 second? I know that if u dont load some service like bluetooth or network connection u probaly boot faster… but 10 second faster?

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Do you really have it booting in 5sec. I have tried alot and 5 sec seems impossible.

Can we run realdash with out a desktop?