Series5 UIS7862 + 12.3" hi bright

Does your hardware handle 2 x USB ports without having to reassign them in the garage everytime?

course - 100% stabity work - but USB device must be with diffent vendor ID
i think you try use same USB - change ID in firmwarre or change chip

I actually bought a new Android head unit on Aliexpress during the Black Friday and it arrived yesterday.

It was identical in size and shape as the one I had before but this was Seicane branded and had a newer Android version. It now connects both USB every time. The Seicane unit always defines the usb ports as USB0 and USB1.

The Old head unit used to keep indexing them as Com 3, Com4 and the would go to Com5 Com 6 etc. I would have to reassign then every time in the garage or hard reset.

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Sorry, can not help you

Custom hardware too hard

I have seriously updated the platform

2 PCS CAN 5 - 1000 kbps 11 or 29 bit ID

Binary inputs

6 pcs positive sensor

6 pcs negative sensor

12 pcs universal sensor

Input Sensor for fuel tank 0 - 400 Ohm

Inputs Sensor ADC 0 - 10 000 Ohm - 2 pcs

Inputs Sensor ADC Voltage 0 - 5v - 2 pcs

Tacho inputs for RPM - 2 pcs

Voltage Battery Sensor

onboard gyroscope